Form and
Fill the Future
As the specialist in manufacturing pharmaceutical machineries, Sejong Pharmatech
Countries sales
Being the supplier of high quality pharmaceutical machines to more than 80 countries
Form and
Fill the Future
Accumulated know-how
Our products are made with thorough research
and technological advancement to satisfy our
client’s needs.
Sejong Pharmatech has about 35 years of
accumulated know-how excellence in making high
quality and innovative pharmaceutical
Our top priority is to provide best quality and innovative
products that optimized hardware and software with
our customers. Customer satisfaction is our greatest
achievement and pride.

Sejong Pharmatech

Food and drug manufacturing equipment manufacturer

“GLOBAL WINDOW ” Accumulated know-how and superior technology to the world!
“SEJONG BLUE & GREEN” Trust and honest company!

We sincerely thank all of you for your continued interest and support for Sejong Pharmatech, and we hope that our executives and
employees will work together to continue research and development and innovation so that the solutions provided by
Sejong Pharmatech can improve the quality of life of not only customers but also end consumers. we'll do it.

  • Sejong Pharmatech is conducting a quality
    certification which is
    institution's regular audit and training process
    to satisfy
    various GMP regulations around the world
  • Invest in continuous new technology development and technical progress for the satisfaction and value realization of domestic and foreign customers
  • We provide an all-in-one solution by combining optimized hardware and software
  • Through long-term marketing strategies and continuous employee competency development for company-wide development, we were able to become a leading company with diversity, expertise, and technology
Sejong Pharmatech has accumulated over 35 years of know-how
  • Exported to more than 80 countries
  • 37 overseas agencies
  • more than 930 customers
  • and sold more than 3150 pharmaceutical equipment
Accumulated know-how
Superior technology


Sejong Pharmatech is a leading global market company that produces advanced pharmaceutical equipment with more than 35 years of accumulated know-how and excellent technology.
Sejong Pharmatech increases the value of pharmaceutical machines by understanding the diversity and expertise required by the market beyond simple machine manufacturing.
In order to meet various GMP regulations around the world, Sejong Pharmatech is intensively managed by applying them to the manufacturing process after regular screening by quality certification agencies.
Sejong Pharmatech is faithful to the basics and understands the nature of the machine. It is Sejong Pharmatech's pride and pride to give better value to customers.


Sejong  parmatech SINCE 1989
10    l    CPHI Milan 2024
06    l    Achema 2024
04    l    Korea Pack 2024
04    l    35th anniversary of Sejong Pharmatech founding
04    l    Chosen as the global best small company 1,000+ project 2023
03    l    Chosen as the 57th "A good taxpayer"
12    l    Won "The most beautiful factory award in incheon 2022"
06    l    Korea Pack exhibition 2022
04    l    Chosen as global IP star enterprise 2022
04    l    Certified as an excellent company in technological capability (T2)
07    l    New CI announcement ceremony
07    l    Relocation of new office building in Seoun Industrial Complex
11    l    Achieved a K-mark certificate for 'P420S WiP' [Korea Testing Laboratory].
11    l    Won the 21st KPMA Award in technical development sector.
08    l    Smart Factory' system established (with Solidworks PLM).
07    l    Won a certificate of designation as 'Excellent R&D Innovation products' for P420S WiP.
12    l    Ground-breaking Ceremony extending to new factory.
09    l    Designated as a venture company : Korea Technology Finance Corporation.
04    l    30th Anniversary of Foundation.
11    l    Acquired certification a technology innovation company from government (INNO-BIZ)
07    l    Accomplished 3,000 sales of cumulative products.
06    l    A benefication company for "2017 Global IP Business Promotion Project."
04    l    Certificate of Designation Small Giant Company of Korea.
10    l    Acquired ATEX (Mechanical protection) certification_ speed mixer
04    l    Acquired CE Mark_ tablet press, capsule filler, speed mixer and fluid bed dryer
09    l    Acquired ATEX Mechanical Protection Certification _ Fluid Bed Dryer
06    l    Acquired ATEX Mechanical Protection Certification _Auto Coater
06    l    Safety and Health Management Policy _ OHSAS 18001
05    l    49th Invention Day_ Official commendation from President of Korea
10    l    14th Grand Prix of Korea Packaging Machinery_ Citation
12    l    Trade of the Day Award_Minister of Knowledge Economy
11    l    Job invention system operational excellence company
02    l    “IR 52 Jang young sil Prize” Minister of Science and Technology
11    l    Vision Company_Incheon
2009    l    05    l    Acquired re-certification a KSA / ISO 9001 for quality Management system
2007    l    11    l    Won official commendation from Korea present for export
2006    l    10    l    Acquired certification a technology innovation company from government (INNO-BIZ)
2005    l    11    l    Won official commendation from Korea present for export
2005    l    06    l    Won official commendation from government from "the 6th Korea
2003    l    05    l    Acquired certification a KSA / ISO 9001 for quality Management system
2002    l    07    l    Won official commendation from Korea present for export
2001    l    03    l    Company name change to Sejong Pharmatech co.,Ltd.
1999    l    03    l    Acquired certification a CE-MARK from TUV-PS in Germany
1998    l    12    l    Acquired certification a KSA / ISO 9001 for quality assurance
1994    l    08    l    R&D Center Established
1989    l    04    l    Sejong Machine Industry Ltd. Established

Forming tablets and filling capsules
forming leading technologies and fulfilling value for the future


Sejong Pharmatech Co., Ltd. is
Sticking to basics
Focusing on essence
Preparing for the future.


Sejong CI

Accumulated know-how and excellent technology, the door to the world
The lattice structure of the symbol mark, in which the same pattern is repeatedly arranged according to the rules of symmetry, means that Sejong Pharmatech, which has grown into a leading company in the Food and Pharmaceutical market with over 30 years of know-how, is advancing toward the global market in the pharmaceutical equipment field based on its excellent technology.
The rectangular, neat, and bold design connotes a straight and upright corporate image.
An honest company that gives credibility, a motif derived from the colors of nature.
The two colors used in the symbol mark implicitly express the corporate image of Sejong Pharmatech.
SEJONG BLUE builds the image of a trustworthy company based on the flexibility and expertise of Sejong Pharmatech, which does its best to meet the needs of sophisticated and complex customers.
SEJONG GREEN is a color that reflects the will to become a company that provides comfort and stability to customers.

Color System

Main Color

Minimum Size


Primary Identifier Configuration

Primary identifier of VANTIX must be abided by figure and color in order to make continuous image and must not be changed arbitrarily in any case.
When it is used, it must be enlarged and downsized in direct proportion as the original computer file.

Sejong Logo Variation



Sejong Pharmatech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Company”) puts emphasis on personal information and complies with the “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.” Through the policy on handling personal information, Company will notify how and in what way the personal information that the customers provide are being used and what measures are being taken to protect personal information. In case Company amends the policy on handing personal information, Company will notify it through its Web site (or individually).This policy shall take effect starting October 10, 2014.

Items of personal information to be collected
Company collects personal information for application for subscription, consultation, services, etc.
• Items for collection : name, home telephone number, home address, cell phone number, and e-mail
• Method of collecting personal information : Web site (online job application)

Collection and purpose of use of personal information

Company uses personal information collected for the following purpose.
• identification for the responses of customers’ inquiry
• notification of the result

Period of keeping and using personal information
After the collection of personal information and the purpose of use has been achieved, Company destroys the said information in due time.

Destruction process and method of personal information
After the collection of personal information and the purpose of use has been achieved, Company destroys the said information in due time. The destruction process and the method are as follows.

Destruction process
Information members who have put for subscription purpose, etc ., will be moved to a separate database (separate cabinet in case of papers) after the purpose of information has been achieved and shall be kept for a certain period and be destroyed pursuant to the policies to protect personal information (refer to keeping and using period) according to the internal policy and other laws. 
Personal information that has been moved to a separate database will not be used for any purpose other than that stated under the laws and for storage.

Destruction method
The personal information will be deleted in the database.

Furnishing personal information
In principle, Company does not provide users’ personal information to outsiders. However, the following shall be an exception.
• Users have given prior consent.
• Stipulated under the laws or upon request by the investigating agency pursuant to the process and method as set under the laws for the investigation purpose

Entrustment of personal information
Company does not entrust the customer’s personal information to the outsider without the customer’s consent. If it is subsequently necessary to do so, Company will notify the customer about the entrustment target and the contents of the entrustment business, and will obtain prior consent if necessary.

Rights of users and their legal representatives, and methods for exercising such rights
Users and legal representatives can refer or amend the personal information of the registered self and a child of less than 14 years, and may request the cancellation of subscription anytime. For referring and amending the personal information of the user or a child of less than 14 years, users can go through the ID checking process by clicking “Change of personal information” (or “Change of member information”) for amending the personal information and “Quitting membership” in case of subscription cancellation (withdrawing consent), and may directly read, amend, or quit the membership. Users may also contact the staff in charge of personal information management in writing, by telephone, or via e-mail, and shall be taken care without delay.

If you have requested to correct the error in personal information, the personal information will not be used or furnished until the correction has been completed. If incorrect personal information has been furnished to a third party, Company shall notify the handling result of the correction to the third party without delay and shall make sure that the correction will be performed.

Personal information that has been cancelled or deleted upon the request of the user or a legal representative will be handled in accordance with the rules under “Period of keeping and using the personal information collected by Company” and is handled in a way in which it cannot be read or used for other purposes.
Matters concerning the installation, operation, and denial of a device that automatically collects personal information
Company does not operate a device that automatically collects personal information when using the Internet, such as cookies, etc.

Civil service regarding personal information
Company designates the team indicated below to protect customer’s personal information and handle customer’s complaints with regard to personal information.
Chief Privacy Officer: Directior of Business Planning Division
• Tel : +82-32-508-1284
• E-mail :

You can file any complaints with regard to personal information that would arise during the use of Company’s service to the relevant team. Company will promptly give a sufficient answer for the user’s complaint.
Please inquire to the following agencies if you need to report an infringement on personal information or for consultation.
• Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (
• Information Protection Mark Authentication Committee (
• Supreme Prosecutor’s Office Internet Crime Investigation Center (
• Korea National Policy Agency Cyber Bureau (


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If you need any help please contact 1544-5840

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Privacy Policy

Sejong Pharmatech's Privacy Protection Policy

We understand the importance of protecting the personal information of our customers and our employees. In addition, we are constantly looking for new and better ways to secure your personal information and to ensure that it is used in a responsible and respectful manner.

If you have questions or complaints regarding our privacy policy or practices, you should first contact Sejong Pharmatech's Office as follows:

Sejong Pharmatech Office
#63, AnNam 402 Road, Bupyeong-Gu, Incheon City, Korea(403-030)
I agree with Sejong’s personal information handling policy.